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1st October 2014

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There’s a 79% chance that Tom Hiddleston’s debut rap album, T Hiddy: Bitchez Be Kneelin’, will be out in time for Christmas. [tweet] 



There’s a 79% chance that Tom Hiddleston’s debut rap album, T Hiddy: Bitchez Be Kneelin’, will be out in time for Christmas. [tweet

1st October 2014


Someday - Ch 24

TITLE: Someday


AUTHOR: Why-can-t-i-be-sherlock


GENRE: Comedy, Drama…Romance?

FIC SUMMARY: This is a love story between Tom and Alice, which have a little bit of love and also, a little bit of hate.

RATING: I have no idea how to rate things

AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: There’s nothing here you have seen, heard or pictured before, even if you’re twelve. Oh, and btw…is a story that comes and goes from present to future. That’s all. Enjoy!

Chapter 24 November 2028

“That was quick!” – Mel said with a smile putting her book down once Alice came in. She didn’t notice her funeral face.

“Yeah, it was” – Alice dragged her feet to the couch and then she let herself down on it.

“What happened?” – Mel sat straight getting closer to Alice.

“Nothing. I opened my big mouth and as bluntly as I can get, I told him the whole truth” – Alice said covering her face like she was exhausting.

“Uhh. That bad?” – Mel seemed concerned.

“That bad. He was very confused; I failed to explain him properly. If he won’t call me ever again, I wouldn’t blame him” – Alice played with her hair.

“Maybe he just needs time. It was too much information for him” – Mel tried to comfort her.

“I hope so” – Alice sat down. – “You realize he was probably the last single man available?” – Alice asked Mel with a dramatic expression.

“I know, we prove that tonight with Olivia” – Mel said overreacting.

“Oh, right. How did it go?” – Alice asked grabbing Mel’s hand.

“Lets put it this way” – Mel said standing up and walking to the kitchen grabbing to glasses of water. – “There are less man available in London than in California and over there, is already bad” – Mel returned and sat next to Alice handed her the glass. – “Man our age, are either married or going out with younger women”

“I know, I had the last one that date women our age and now is gone” – Alice laugh, but it was a sad laugh.

“We should date younger man as well” – Mel said to her like she just had the most brilliant idea in the world. Alice laughed.

“No, that’s not for me. I think I’ll sit by my phone waiting for David’s call. Probably forever” – Alice said standing up. Mel did the same.

“That is definitely for me. I’m going to date twenty-something kids” – They walked to their bedrooms.

“You’ll be awesome at it!” – Alice said entering her room. – “Goodnight”

“Oh, hey!” – Mel yelled and Alice turned. – “Tom said something about a parent thing at Sophie’s school tomorrow. He said he’ll be late, so you have to be there on time”

“See, that’s the real Tom. All bossy and shit” – Alice scratched her head. – “Thanks for the reminder, sleep well”

“You too, honey. Goodnight” – once she lay on her bed, Alice fell asleep instantly.


“You’re going to be late” – Olivia said pointing her watch.

“I know, I know. Five minutes” – Alice said staring at her computer.

“I can’t believe he hasn’t call you yet” – Olivia said sitting in front of her with her purse over her legs.

“Are you surprise?” – Alice smiled at her with irony. – “We are going to die alone, my friend”

“Tell me about it” – Olivia played with some pencils. – “Last night was horrible enough”

“I heard” – Alice smiled at her. – “Maybe we are taking it too seriously. We should make one of those ads for online dating and have fun!” – Alice said with enthusiasm as she turned her computer off.

“Woah, you’re taking the break-up well” – Olivia looked surprised.

“Of course, it was only two dates. I liked the guy, but life is short” – Alice winked at her as she stood up. – “Lets go, I’m already late”

“I like your online profile idea” – Olivia said lost in her thoughts.

“Yeah! It’ll be cool. We could be a different person on different dates” – Alice smiled contemplating the possibilities, Olivia agreed.

“Oh, that would be hilarious” – Olivia said as they went down on the elevator. – “Tomorrow at lunch we’ll do them. Tell Mel to come”

“Oh, she’ll love it! But she’s aiming on a different age group. She’s looking for babies now” – Alice said with irony.

“Oh, that’s a great idea. I think I’ll go younger too” – Olivia was serious making Alice laugh harder.

“Okay, but careful grandma. You could break your hip” – Alice said as they get out of the elevator. – “Have a good night. See you tomorrow” – She said kissing Olivia on the cheek.

“See you. Have fun!” – Olivia yelled sarcastically and Alice made a pained face.


“Ali!” – Alice heard someone calling her form behind as she served herself some coffee.

“Carol, hi!” – Alice smiled and hugged the woman.

“How are you, darling?” – Carol was very warm. She was that mother that was nice with all the other mothers.

“I’m great. You?” – Alice asked as she drank her coffee. She made a funny expression when she tasted it.

“Wonderful! Oh, honey don’t drink this coffee, is awful” – She took the cup from Alice’s hand and handed her a glass of juice. – “I’m glad you came. The next mother meeting it’ll be next Wednesday, I forgot the name of the coffee shop, but I’ll send you the adress”

“Okay, thanks” – Alice smiled at her. At that moment someone called Carol.

“Oh, I have to talk to Kate’s mom. I’ll see you after the meeting” – Carol kissed her on the cheek.

“Okay” – Alice looked at her glass of juice and put it on the table. She didn’t feel like drink it.

At that moment she saw Tom from across the room, he was at the door looking for someone, no one had seemed to notice his presence. When he spotted her, he waved but he didn’t go to her, so she was the one who crossed the room.

“Why don’t you come in?” – Alice asked confused.

“I should be in Henry’s classroom. Mag is expecting me” – Tom said looking around, at the moment Alice noticed something.

“Are you drunk?” – Alice asked with a mean smile as she sniffed him.

“No” – Tom said nervously and Alice began to laugh.

“Oh, my God! Maggie is going to kill you” – Alice said covering her mouth, then she checked her phone. – “Shit, I don’t have battery. I want to take a video, you know, for the memories” – She joked.

“Funny” – The meeting was about to start so the parents were taking the sit. Alice and Tom did the same. – “Here” – He picked two sits on the back.

“You’re going to hide here?” – Alice asked sitting next to him. – “You know she smell fear, right? She’s going to find you anyway” – Alice laughed once again, but he didn’t seemed to be paying attention. He was looking at the snack table.

“Hey, who’s that?” – Tom asked pointing with his head subtly at a woman standing next to the table.

The woman was talking with some people but Alice had noticed that she was looking at them every once in a while.

“Oh, that’s Molly’s mom” – Alice explained. Tom seemed troubled.

“Who’s Molly?” – Tom asked confused.

“She’s new. She was on Sophie’s birthday” – Now, Alice was confused. Tom seemed too interested in the woman. – “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing” – Alice examined him closely. – “What?”

Tom looked at her like she was acting crazy. Then she looked at the woman, who was looking at them carefully, which made the whole situation more dubious. Then, everything was clear to Alice.

“Oh, my God! You slept with her!” – Alice said with anger but whispering, trying not to call other people’s attention. Tom didn’t say anything; he just looked the other way. – “No, I like Molly’s mom!” – Alice complained.

“I didn’t knew her kid was in Sophie’s class” – Tom whispered.

“Well, you made an impression. She’s been looking at you for a while” – Alice joked at him and then she remembered something. – “Wait, she’s married” – Alice looked at him with disapproval.

“That’s not what she said” – Tom looked at Alice confused.

“Well, she told me at the mom’s meeting last month” – Alice said. – “So, unless you slept with her after that, you banged a married woman” – Alice continued with irony.

At that moment the woman asked something to Carol who looked at Alice and Tom and waved them as she answered to the woman; they waved them back. Then they sat together because the teacher was about to start the meeting.

“She said she was single. I met her at a bar, she was alone” – Tom said like that would explain everything. Alice was staring at her and Carol, they were still talking.

“I think Carol just told her that we are, you know…related” – Alice looked around panicked.

“She didn’t know?” – Tom laughed ironically. – “I thought you talked about everything on those meetings

“Why, did you had to sleep with Molly’s mom?” – Alice gave him a small hit on his shoulder with anger. – “I like her! Now, what am I supposed to said to her on our next drinking reunion?”

“I thought you sat together knitting and drinking tea” – Tom mocked. None of them was paying attention to the teacher.

“I need those meetings Tom. I need to get drunk with other mothers and now, you’ve ruined them to me” – Alice was really angry.

“Don’t worry. If she’s married, she won’t admit anything to anyone” – Tom crossed his arms. – “But it’ll be awkward for you” – Tom smirked to Alice and she rolled her eyes.

“I thought that wasn’t you age group. I mean, she’s clearly not 25” – Alice made fun of him.

“I like to vary things sometimes” – Tom said seductively.

“Oh, God. You’re so gross” – Alice laughed covering her eyes.


Once the meeting was over, Alice and Tom walked together to the parking lot. They left the room as soon as they could, avoiding Carol and the rest of the parents. Because there was more women that man at those meetings, it was dangerous for Tom to be surrounded with that many married women. But this time, they were running specifically, from Molly’s mom.

“Did you drove here?” – Alice asked concerned, he might had drove there drunk.

“No, I took a cab” – Tom said putting his hand on his pockets.

“Oh, I can take you home if you want” – Alice said as they approached to her car.

“No, is okay. I have to wait for Mag” – Tom said checking his phone.

Alice never could explain to herself why it bothered her so much that he still called her Mag instead of Margaret. They didn’t get along very well, so it annoyed her that she was Mag and she was still Alice instead of Ali.

“In that case…” – Alice poured some perfume she had on her purse on Tom’s shoulders. She smiled at him.

“Great, now I smell like a drag” – Tom said opening his arm and looking at himself. Alice laughed.

“Why you were drinking so early, anyway?” – Alice asked resting on her car.

“Business meeting” – Tom said smelling his shoulders, amusing Alice.

“Your meetings are always fun, is so unfair” – Alice said with in a fake angry tone.

“They are” – Tom said with pride. The he got serious. – “You’re taking Mel to camp?”

“No, she’s leaving on Thursday” – Alice said with a sad expression.

“Who you going to take, then? The chef?” – Tom asked with sarcasm, but Alice didn’t laugh.

“No, the chef is gone” – Alice looked around. – “I think it’ll be just us two”

“He broke up with you?” – Tom looked confused.

“No. I don’t now” – Alice looked confused as well. – “But definitely, not going to the trip. I think it’ll be just the two of us”

“I’m not letting you two go alone” – Tom said firmly, but he wasn’t angry.

“We going to go anyway” – Alice said it, not as a threat but as something that was already decided.

After that there was a moment of silence that Tom broke.

“Look, I got no plans for this weekend. I can take you” – Tom said and Alice looked at him in disbelief. – “Sophie asked me this morning if she could take Henry”

“Yeah, she’d mentioned something” – Alice said softly, still not knowing what to think.

“He’ll love the idea. I think it be nice for them to spend time together.” – Tom said looking at her. – “Are you okay with it?”

“Yeah, sure. As long as we go, I’m okay” – Alice smiled at him, but still wasn’t sure about the whole trip.

At that moment Alice heard a pair of high heels approaching. It was Maggie. She was perfect, as always, wearing an impeccable white suit and her blonde hair shinning, making Alice felt small and insignificant.

“There you are” – She said in an angry tone when she saw Tom, then she turned to Alice. – “Oh, hello Alice” – She said in a much friendly tone.

“Hi, Margaret” – Alice gave her a warm smile.

“Where were you?” – Alice reprehended him and then she continued smelling him. – “What’s that smell” – Alice could see her rage coming out of her blue eyes.

“Hello, Mag” – Tom said with irony. That was Alice’s queue to leave.

“Okay, I’ll go now” – Alice said to them. – “I’ll drop Sophie, probably around ten” – She said to Tom.

“Sure. We’ll talk about the trip” – Tom said and Maggie looked at him, making Alice blush inexplicably. But because it was dark, they didn’t noticed.

“Yeah, right. Bye, Margaret” – Alice said before turning to the driver door.

“Goodbye, Alice” – She said with a smile, it was a sincere one.

“I’ll see you later” – Tom yelled as she got in the car.

Alice nodded awkwardly and then she suddenly forgot how to drive. She turned the lights on, illuminating Tom and Maggie, but failed at turning the engine on. They turned and looked at her with a confused expression, like they didn’t understand why she hadn’t left yet.

At the third try the car started and she waved at them clumsily making Tom laugh, Maggie just stared at her, judging her. Alice could feel her face red and her embarrassment didn’t abandon her until she got home. 

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1st October 2014

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Tom Hiddleston and his "puppy eyes"

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Profile Porn. Neck Porn. Hair Porn. All Porn.


Profile Porn. Neck Porn. Hair Porn. All Porn.

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1st October 2014

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my anaconda don’t want none



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A fun bunch to share Sept. With - thnx2 to team Hank @twhiddleston @RodneyJCrowell @michael_rinne @Chris_Scruggs


A fun bunch to share Sept. With - thnx2 to team Hank

30th September 2014

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Doing my hair & make-up









steve rogers loves you either way


this is an important message which i want to share with all of you

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Things I love about Tom Hiddleston:
The mouth thing.

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